Here I feature my various collaborators, partners and sponsors.  Click on the name to visit their websites and discover more.  Please check her frequently for proven products and services and feel free to contact me for any recommendations or background into my experience with these companies.


Grand Hotel Majestic (Gia Baglione) Bologna

Suite 34 Bologna

i Portici Hotel

Palazzo Gnudi

Boutiques and Accessories

Il Cappello Magico

Premiata Compagnia dei Fiori

Cose Cosi Gioelli

Hut Couture

Lanterna Magica Antiquitaten

Events Management and Catering

Fleur de Sel

Nuptus Weddings


Lisane Schuh

Fiorda V.


Petitrouge Bologna

Alessandro Boselli

Giacomo D’Amicis

Alberto Vezzani

Paolo Panzera

Fausto and Stanislawa Branchi

AGM Studios


Maria de los Angeles Monari: Styling Director

Isabella Sarti: Makeup artist-Bologna

Laura Gerhardt: Makeup artist-Bologna

Alessandro Maglie: Hair stylist- Bologna

Studio Vanity– Afimall City Moscow

Schloberg & Reich GmbH– Styling, hair and makeup-Frankfurt


Nafi Coiffeur-Basel

Interior/Set Design


Graphic Designers

Fabbrica Foto-Grafica

Krill Graphics


AVRVM Luxury Magazine

Maria Rita Catasta

Arca Bologna 

Social Media and Web Communications

Malikah Kelly

PR and Marketing

Merve Yorunger, Turkey

Pia Pohlmann, Germany

Alexa Kovacs, Switzerland

FriChic, Bulgaria

Lidia di Cicco, Italy


ALMA Business School University of Bologna

SDA Bocconi University Milano



European Professional Women’s Network

International Women’s Forum Bologna

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